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 Welcome to Zugg Software 
This site will be used for discussion of Zugg Software products, including the zMUD and CMUD clients, and the zApp development system.

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 Chiara's MUD Client 

Are you tired of the constant grind of the graphical MMO games? Tired of paying monthly subscription fees? Try playing one of the hundreds of free text-based adventure games on the Internet using CMUD: The fastest and most versatile MUD client from the creator of zMUD. Over 70,000 registered customers since 1996.

Chiaras MUD ClientFree Download
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墙后你懂得的app Fast and Easy Scripting

  • Compiled scripts are 2 to 10 times faster than zMUD.
  • Vast majority of zMUD scripts run without any changes in CMUD.
  • Compiling is performed behind the scenes. Your scripts just magically run faster.
  • Scripts are saved to a new database more corrupted settings!
  • Scripts are automatically saved, even if your computer crashes.
  • New scripting features such as Local variables, #SWITCH and Named Arguments make scripts faster and easier to understand.
  • New script editor has better and faster syntax highlighting, code folding, line numbers, and many other features expected from a programmer's editor.
  • Integrated support for the Lua scripting language for very high-performance scripting.
  • Works with any other Windows scripting language. Scripting languages can be freely mixed, even within the same window. Built-in syntax highlighting for Lua, VBScript, JavaScript, Perl, Python, Ruby.

Scripts can be easily shared

  • New Package Library allows you to quickly and easily share scripts with other players.
  • Scripts can be searched based upon Category, MUD, or Author.
  • Scripts can be rated so you can tell which scripts are the best.
  • You can view comments about each script and add your own comment.
  • Sort scripts based upon Name, Popularity, or Rating.
  • Scripts can be exported/imported via a text-based XML format that can be posted to the forums or send to other users via email.

大陆怎么浏览外国网站 Automatic Mapping

  • MapperCMUD and zMUD are the only MUD clients designed to create automatic maps as you move around the MUD on most any MUD that you want to play (doesn't require MUD support). Don't be fooled by cheap imitations!
  • Double-click on any room on the map to let CMUD compute the shortest path and automatically send the speedwalk directions to the game.
  • Room properties allow you to change visual appearance of rooms, and to assign scripts to specific rooms.
  • Maps can be easily edited and support custom room exits and portals.
  • New mapper in latest CMUD 3.x BETA allows you to track multiple locations on the same map.
  • Graphical enhancements such as a background image, custom room shapes, icons, and more can be added to your map.

Modern User Interface

  • 怎样才能浏览国外网址New window docking system is more reliable than zMUD and offers features such as "fly out" panels.
  • New toolbar systems allows you to create or customize toolbars with custom commands and buttons.
  • Toolbars and docking layouts can be easily saved and loaded.
  • Full Windows XP and Vista theme support. Works fine with 3rd party enhancements such as WindowBlinds.

Much Much More!

  • New "Smart" command line works better with MOOs and MUSHes
  • New Editor can be docked with MUD windows and supports multiple-docked file tabs and HTML support.
  • New Script Editor supports customizable syntax highlighting, spellchecking, and more powerful user interface.
  • Improved sound support allows up to 32 simultaneous sounds of any type, including WAV, MID, and MP3.
  • Supports all major MUD protocols including ANSI, VT100, MXP, MSP, MCP, MCCP, ATCP.

World-class Customer Support

  • Over 10,000 registered CMUD users, and over 70,000 zMUD users provides a huge help resource in our online support forums.
  • 48-hour customer and technical support via email (business hours)
  • Thousands of pages of documentation and examples in our online Knowledge Base
  • CMUD help system is synchronized with the online knowledge base.
  • 30-day Free Trial and 30-day refund policy.
  • At least 2 years of free upgrades (minor upgrades are always free).


  • Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP SP2
  • DirectX 9.x (for sound support)

电脑怎么上国外网站 Try CMUD Today!

But don't take my word for it: with a full 30-day free evaluation period, download CMUD today and give it a try. You can safely run CMUD and zMUD at the same time, so your existing MUD environment is safe. If you like what you see, Buy CMUD Today. With a 30-day full refund policy, you can't go wrong.

 Latest News 
I didn't get my license key!
Chiara 17-Jul-20 10:15AM
We are having a very annoying issue with license keys. Random people aren't getting them, or even getting replies from the help system. We can't reproduce it because everything gets through to us with no problems.

Zugg has created a temporary work around. If you need a new key and the automated retrieval didn't send you one within an hour, please email me at support at zuggsoft dot com with

your registered name
your registered email

as on file with the store
and I'll send you a key.
I didn't get my key via email!
Chiara 07-Jul-20 12:49PM
Currently, no one is receiving emailed keys. We are working to figure out why.
Zugg has created a temporary work around. If you need a new key and the automated retrieval didn't send you one within an hour, please email me at support at zuggsoft dot com with

your registered name
your registered email

as on file with the store
and I'll send you a key.
CMUD, CMUD Pro and TeSSH v3.34 PUBLIC version released
Zugg 20-Apr-11 7:35PM
怎么爬墙外国The fastest and most versatile MUD client available!
Have you tried CMUD lately? Includes the brand new Script Wizard and Trigger Pattern Wizard, improved mapper with GMCP support, improved Lua, improved Telnet, improved MXP, floating buttons, SQL scripting, FTP/SFTP, and much more!  ... (Read more)
NEW LICENSE - How to Upgrade to CMUD v3
Zugg 18-Oct-10 5:31PM
Version 3 of CMUD requires a new license for all users. As per the CMUD upgrade policy, if you purchased CMUD within the past 2 years, you can get this upgrade for free. But it still requires you to get a new license key.  ... (Read more)
eLicense issues with old versions of zMUD
Zugg 19-Jan-10 5:34PM
The eLicense company that we used over four years ago to issue zMUD licenses is no longer validating zMUD licenses on their server.  ... (Read more)
New Year's Letter for 2010
Zugg 05-Jan-10 6:42PM
A look back at 2009 and a roadmap for 2010  ... (Read more)
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怎么进入国外的网页 21-Oct-09 11:08PM
zMUD is not supported on Vista or Windows 7
Zugg 28-Sep-09 4:23PM
Because of the new release of Windows 7, we are getting more and more questions about this. So I wanted to make a sticky topic to make this perfectly clear:

电脑怎么浏览国外网站:2021-6-13 · 用VPN.在我的百度空间有一款,你看看,个人一直在用,速度不错,有6个IP可选,建议先不买,免费用用先,好的再买.包年的话会比包月划算好多,电脑,手机IPHONE,上Facebook,推特等国外网站或者国外游戏服务器加速都可以了上.当然免费的也可以用到手机上的.呵呵
 ... (Read more)
Affiliate commission increased to 10%
Zugg 17-Aug-09 3:47PM
The Affiliate commission rate has been increased from 3.5% to 10%  ... (Read more)
Give CMUD as a Gift
Zugg 17-Nov-08 10:00AM
To send CMUD or zMUD to someone as a gift, use the Gift Certificates in the Zuggsoft Store.

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